Facebook has probably had the most widespread success when comparing it to other social media platforms. Starting from just a college friends site, and despite several factors standing against it, Facebook grew to take over the world and slowly become the leading networks. It had a rather fierce competition when it entered the market, with giants like Orkut and MySpace already established, but it somehow mowed through all of the struggles and competition, gaining the number one spot as the world’s leading social media network. Now, every second person you come across as a Facebook ID and operates it daily. The massive spread of population based on age group Facebook has been able to reach, and the cover is genuinely astonishing.

About Facebook

It is a newsfeed based social network which is extensively used to share personal files, images, photographs, details, videos, and general life updates with your friends and was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Unlike many other websites, Facebook doesn’t allow anyone else to view updates shared by you or your friends unless they’re in your or your friends “Friends List.” All details regarding the event and surroundings will be posted on the “Home” section of the page. If a person liked/upvoted your photograph, then your browser will get a slight pop-up notifying you about it. However, you can always recheck them in the “Notifications” center. Anyone can sign up for this platform based service by completing the process as it is free of cost. Once you’ve signed up, you will be asked to log in and upload a display picture to provide users with visual proof regarding their friends and knowns. You can subsequently ask your friends and family to add you, or you can do the same by yourself. Once all this is done, you can start sharing files, documents, photos, videos, daily updates about everything you do. Once you’ve uploaded it on your timeline, all your friends will be able to see what you have to say and if by chance they miss, they can always revisit the memories and messages by going on the friend’s timeline and looking for old posts.

News Feed is the consistently updating daily feed which you witness and rate pages and people based on it. Everything your friend’s post is shown in the News Feed in chronological order, however, you can prioritize which friend’s posts to see first by choosing the option given while visiting their profile. All devices ranging from laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PCs support Facebook as long as you have a compatible browser and a decent internet connection to accompany it.

Facebook services

Apart from being an online hub for friends, Facebook offers free messaging service in the form of Messenger. It allows you to find your friends or at least locate where they are with their Facebook integrated service called “Find My Friends.” You can put up future events on the Facebook pages and create separate incidents too, to popularize them and gather a bigger audience.

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