Gaming Industry has gone a 360 degree turn around in the last 20 years. The change is like moving from a black and white cinema to a HD coloured viewing of movies and series. Gaming Industry is booming. It is present everywhere from your PC, laptop, PlayStations to mobile phones. The easy accessibility of games had made the industry hit a jackpot.

The first game that made a hit was pong game. After that there has been continuous advancement in technological aspects of Gaming industry, due to which the current scenario is as such. Now we have many interesting downloadable and online games available like Minecraft, PubG, Legends Gold and many more. Some of these can even be customised according to the user’s preference.

Technological advancement that changed the gaming industry

The technology changes that have revolutionised the world of the gaming industry and let it make big leaps are:

  • Artificial Intelligence though it was present since the time of pong game, has changed the outlook of the current games. Now days you can experience more real life situations and are customisable according to the persons requirements. AI has already advanced to a point that there are also computer controlled players which act like humans. AI is the reason games have survived and evolved.
  • Online games have changed the scenario of multiple player games. MMORPG is at totally a different level all together. Due to online games people can play a game with anyone from any geographical location. People are connected through this online society and compete with each other on different games. Online games have its own presence altogether.
  • Introduction of third dimension opened up a whole new horizon for the industry. It makes your game look appealing. One also you get a real life feel out of the game. Two dimensions had its own disadvantages and there were not as many possibilities available. 3-D has totally changed the overall look and feel of the games.
  • Graphics have enhanced the games now days. These days one can find shaders, sprites or textures in the games which were not present in the pong era. The hardware have been upgraded, HD, Full HD viewing has resulted in better quality graphical technology advancements. High Speed, more pixel counts and shading has changed the view of the games at a great scale.
  • The biggest advancement that has made games a household name is portability. Due to the ease of easily transportable games and sizes of games reduced, they can be played anywhere and anytime. The best advent happened when we started playing these heavy games on the mobile thus making it easily accessible.

Gaming Technology is emerging and gaining speed day by day. Virtual Reality is the new name in the field of the games industry. It is taking the future of games to level unimaginable and astounding, just keep playing games and have the enjoyment to the fullest due to upgrading technological changes.