Blocking The Monsters: A Guideline For Television Shows

Parents are bombarded by the potential risks to their children’s innocence. Music, movies, and television are full of suggestive lyrics and scary content that can frighten kids who are not used to this kind of stimuli. When parents want to protect their children and keep them from watching such content, they are encouraged to find ways to block these shows on television. Blocking such shows used to involve turning the set off during the times [...]

Bad Teacher? Stress Management For You And Your Child

The teacher who handles your child’s education can have a major impact on how good of a school year you and your child have, but it isn’t always easy to request or change the teacher whose class your child is in. Therefore, you might think that you and your little one are destined to have a bad school year if you don’t hit it off well with the teacher, but there are things that you can [...]

Safety Rules The School-Age Child Can Remember

As a parent, it is your job to keep your child safe when she is home. However, when she is at school or playing with her friends, you can’t keep an eye out for her. That is why it is important to teach your child safety rules she can remember.

Encourage Your Child to Use the Buddy System

Tell your child to stick together with friends when she walks home from school or plays outside. It is safer to be [...]

Bedtime Rituals and Rested Kids

Children are creatures of habit and they need a lot of sleep to function properly during the daytime. Bedtime rituals are a great way for families to bond with one another, but they also help to ensure that your child receives the rest that he or she needs.

A child’s deep-seated need to feel secure exists throughout the day, but is particularly prominent at nighttime. By tucking children in, reading a story, and providing a cool glass of water, the parent is [...]

Strangers and Home: When Not To Answer The Door

There are a number of common sense situations where you never open the door to a stranger. Opening the door can lead to a violent home invasion.

After Midnight

Never open the door after midnight. Nothing good happens after midnight except a good night of sleep. After midnight, criminals are hopped up on drugs and alcohol. They’re feeling brave and looking for easy marks to rob in order to feed their habits. A good way to run off a midnight [...]

An In-Home Poison Safety Action Plan

Having household cleansers and other poisons in the home is inevitable, but it is important for you to keep your children and the rest of your family as safe from these substances as possible. Therefore, you should come up with a poison safety action plan to help prevent your family from getting harmed by poisons in the home.

First of all, make sure that all poisons are kept in a safe area and away from small children. This means [...]